2. COC Post-Release

Post-Release Support: Before their release, COC participants are paired with a case manager to help them cope with challenges and get the resources they need to succeed, including transitional housing, clothing allotments, food allowance, transit cards, and employment. The counsel that started at Rivers continues as participants transition back to Washington DC, including access to a 24/7 helpline whenever problems arise.

“The post release piece, which lasts up to one year, tracks them and follows them. It gives them that support. It gives them the resources, which is so important. So they won’t do those things that may lead them back to prison. Because ultimately, our goal is to reduce recidivism.”

Laticiama Worthington, Assessment Case Manager at The GEO Group

“We add an additional layer called our post-release program. This program actually provides financial resources to individuals that are returning to the D.C. area to help them successfully reintegrate into society.”

Brick Tripp, Facility Administrator at The GEO Group